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Ambrosio E. Solari

Mr. Solari is Associate Manager of Mandato S.R.L. and is acknowledged for his vast independent experience in the exchange and trading markets, as well as for his performance in important companies of the area since 1982.

In 1993 he settled a Joint Venture with Superbursátil S.A., company inside which he created the first future and options Department (MERFOX). Its remarkable operation in the future and options market resulted in obtaining the 3rd. position in the annual ranking.

Also in 1993, Mr. Solari was designated as Director of the future and options market and became part of the committee in charge of the organization and teaching of courses for market operators.
As head of Mandato S.R.L., Mr. Solari began his specialization in the study and development of different techniques and improving strategies for Delta neutral.

In 1998, Mr. Solari was acknowledged for his trajectory and was invited to operate as the only Market Maker in grains and cereals at ROFEX (Rosario Future Exchange)

During 2000, Mr. Solari performed as a broker and since 2003 is recognized as the first and only Market Maker at Buenos Aires’ Mercado a Término.

In the year 2008, Mr. Ambrosio E. Solari received a recognition for his vast trajectory as a Market Maker, awarded by ROFEX.
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