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Delta Group is a joint venture of firms dedicated to the analysis and operation in future and options as well as the providing of services in the agricultural market.
Among the firms of the group, Mandato S.R.L. is the one specialized in providing financial services. Since its beginnings in 1989, its success is based on a deep knowledge of the financial instruments, the capacity of visualizing news opportunities and the flexibility to efficiently adapt itself to the market’s need, achieving through this, a solid recognition.
Our operations are focused on ROFEX (Rosario Future Exchange), the first and most important company in the agricultural market and MATBA (Buenos Aires’ Mercado a Término). We also carefully follow up the transactions that take place at the Chicago Board of Trade.

Mandato S.R.L. acts inside the market as an intermediary, operating on its clients’ behalf or on its own, as well as through grain operations, obtaining the best business alternative and the development of news strategies according to the commercial needs of the selling and bidding parts, carrying out a detailed follow up of each transaction.

Mandato S.R.L. is the number one Market Maker in the country. The constant seriousness and professionalism demonstrated has made of Mandato S.R.L. the only and most important company in Argentina which offers these services simultaneously in both Argentina’s markets: ROFEX and MATBA.

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